About Us

Nestled in the heart of Flacq, a bustling town on the island’s East coast, Coeur de Ville Flacq is a daily meeting place for countless residents of the surrounding area. Buzzing with activities day and night, the 25,000 square meter shopping mall has 600 parking spaces, making it easy to accommodate many visitors.

Coeur de Ville Flacq also has numerous restaurants, shops, cafes, and a Super U hypermarket offering affordable and excellent quality products. The mall of 102 tenants is also a pioneer in sustainable development, equipped with solar panels, a rainwater recovery system, and a wastewater treatment station.

Whether you want to enjoy a good meal with family, friends, or colleagues, savor local pastries with a good coffee in the morning, or do some window shopping or shopping, Coeur de Ville Flacq is the must-visit place in the East region!

Coeur de Ville, My Mall - Mission, Vision, Values

1. Vision : A community-based business

Coeur de Ville is a chain of shopping malls whose distinctive characteristic is to maintain a long tradition of local business. Through products and services specially designed to meet the needs of the Mauritian consumer, Coeur de Ville's vision is to become a natural part of the Mauritian population's daily life, by strengthening its position as a key player in the regional consumer arena. A true one-stop shop for all household needs, Coeur de Ville offers places of conviviality and exchange and dynamic activities for all.

2. Mission: To highlight the unique colours and flavours of our regions

Operating in Tamarin, Grand-Baie and Flacq, Coeur de Ville aims to establish a lasting presence in each of these local landscapes to promote local culture.

3. Values

Mauritianism : Coeur de Ville is a unique mall concept in Mauritius. Everything is designed to reflect and highlight the different facets of local culture, whether it be through cuisine, arts, culture, music, crafts or services offered by Mauritians for Mauritians.

One-stop shop : We offer a wide variety of products and services to meet all our customers' needs in one place.

Local commitment : Coeur de Ville is close to the consumers, a destination or a regular stopover for the inhabitants of our regions. Our malls are an integral part of the customers' everyday lives.

Community involvement : As Coeur de Ville is a meeting place, we have made it our mission to help build a better future for each of our local communities. A real commitment and involvement in various social and environmental actions are therefore part of our priorities.

Family Friendly focus : Through our offers and services, as well as cultural and recreational events, we aim to make our malls family-friendly places for both adults and children.