Fun Space

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FUN SPACE: Tickets are available at Toy City at Rs 25

Terms & Conditions of Access

1. Access to this playground is strictly limited to children under the age of 12.

2. Access to this playground and facilities is subject to conditions of use displayed in this notice and these conditions may be subject to modification from time to time and users are urged to take good notice of them. Failure to respect these conditions of use may lead to immediate removal as per Clause No. 5 and 6 of this notice.

3. Although every precaution is taken, we do not accept any responsibility for any injury or accident that may occur whilst using this playground.

4. We strongly recommend parental / guardian supervision of children using this playground as we are not a child minding facility.

5. The activity officer of this playground has the right to remove any person or persons for
(i) unruly and/or dangerous behaviour
(ii) and/or for failure to respect the condition of use.

6. The authority of the activity officer in any issue occurring in this area is final.

7. We thank you for using this area properly and for keeping it clean for the next users.

Tel. 5943 6403

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